Ideal for the elite cyclist or an athlete looking to get to the next level; this form of training is highly specialised and uses proven scientific research to deliver results.

The traditional method of high volume training, while effective, is very time consuming and often stress inducing. With new research conclusions drawn in this field, it is vastly becoming best practice to increase aerobic capacity through approximately 50% of high volume training. The published evidence has shown that just 8 – 12 hours a week can deliver the results needed to achieve elite level.

Scientific findings have forged a clear path forward for athletes and we are very pleased to be able to offer this information to cyclists today.

Incorporating metabolic testing, as part of the VO2 protocol, means that training programs can be made suitable to the individual and their unique metabolic process. These data results demonstrate when maximum training capacity is reached, determining when each cyclist reaches their training peek and aerobic adaptation occurs.

Program Pricing

Copy: $870 for VO2 max testing and subsequent 2 month tailored training program with consultation.

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